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Roi Fabito (otherwise known as Guava Juice or Roi Wassabi) proudly presents his first ever NFT collection. With 10,010 hand drawn, unique, collectible guavatars—this will be the first PFP trading card game. Where did these mythical guava fruits come from? What are they planning to do in the metaverse? You will find out.

All official NFT Guava Juice NFT holders will unlock access to the exclusive Discord community, receive future airdrops, and be the first to know about future drops. Join the Discord channel to keep in the loop.

Letter to my fans
Letter to my fans


Roi Fabito AKA Guava Juice
Creator & Artist@GuavaJuiceRoi Fabito AKA Guava Juice
Roi has mastered the art of compelling content. With 8.7 billion views and over 16.8 million subscribers waiting for new ways to support him—NFTs will allow him and his community to enter web3 together.
Support & Development@spring4creatorsSpring
Spring will power everything from hosting to development and minting to post-purchase support. Roi's fans can collect Guava NFTs knowing they will only be minted after purchase on the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain.


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